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About PLB

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The story


Designer name: Pierre-Luc Bouthillier (PLB)

Place of birth: St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec

Place of residence: Boucherville, on the south shore of Montreal


After a stint as Art Director for the cultural weekly ICI Montreal, Pierre-Luc launched his brand under the name PLB Design in 2007. His T-shirts are inspired by music, Montreal, nature and the travels he has made around the world. On the market for already 14 years, PLB’s designs are now easily recognizable with their simple and graphic look. PLB, with its clean shapes and straight lines, offers up an all-at-once modern, urban and iconic style.


In 2015, Pierre-Luc was selected by the CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL design collective, created in the wake of Montreal’s nomination as a UNESCO City of Design. All of Quebec designers’ creativity —as applied to Montrealers’ quality of life— is valued and recognized in this initiative. In recent years, he has been perfecting his business thanks to the Quebec School of Entrepreneurs. PLB T-shirts are now available in stores in Canada, and USA.

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The products

His graphic tees and hoodies for men, women and kids are both comfortable and stylish. Made in Canada from organic cotton, they are printed by hand with quality inks, ensuring greater durability. By using natural and recycled fibres, PLB reduces its impact on the environment. Indeed, respect for the environment is a priority for him as well as comfort and style.



The vision

Create opportunities so that everyone can simply communicate their identity, with the aim of building more united and authentic communities.

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The mission

To enable people to communicate their values, passions and inspirations, through quality, eco-friendly and sustainable clothing that conveys the intrinsic beauty of each.