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Incredibly soft and made to last

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Made in Canada with recycled wood


Organic cotton and recycled materials

Made in Canada

Local & ethical production

Very comfortable

Super soft cotton

The PLB Touch

On the market for already fifteen years, PLB’s designs are now easily recognizable with their simple and graphic look. PLB, with its clean shapes and straight lines, offers up an all-at-once modern, urban and iconic style.



PLB T-shirts are known to be super comfy. Soft and silky, the organic and natural fabrics we use are very comfortable. They even feel like a second skin.



Our T-shirts look brand new for a very long time, even after several washes. You’ll be able to wear your T-shirt for ages.

About PLB T-shirts

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Proudly of Montreal

Offer a souvenir from Montreal, UNESCO City of design.

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Eco sunglasses

Take a look at our sunglasses, assembled in Montreal. Made of recycled wood, each pair sunglasses sold help raising funds to save the caribou, and plant one tree.


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My T-shirt has arrived

This was my first but not last purchase from you. Good communication, super fast shipping. An all around great transaction. I will be buying again from you shortly. Merci.

Everything is perfect

The package has already arrived. Everything is perfect. Thank you so much for your excellent service. I will promote it is guaranteed. 


I love your T-shirts

I love the fabric, the fact that they are made in Quebec and especially the super prints! I ordered some last year and I love them.


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Our sustainable development policy

Read more about how we take care of the Environment and our community.

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