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Our blog about Montreal, our T-shirts and other stuff.

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  • Our City Montreal - 6 famous landmarks

    Mar 07 2022

      Text: Raymonde Paradis  |  Copyediting: Marie Léger-St-Jean   We wanted to showcase on this T-shirt the main attractions of our city,...

  • The Jacques Cartier Bridge

    Sep 10 2019

      Text: Raymonde Paradis  |  Copyediting: Marie Léger-St-JeanPhotos: Martine Doyon   Pierre-Luc Bouthillier designed the Jacques Cartie...

  • History of Farine Five Roses, Montreal

    Jul 30 2019

      Text: Raymonde Paradis  |  Copyediting: Marie Léger-St-JeanPhoto: Carlos Guzman   I recently bought a T-shirt featuring the Farine Fiv...